…it brings out the wackos. Via Yglesias:

Andy McCarthy correctly observes that if we start a war with Iran, Iran will fight back. Then he mentions offhandedly that “The retaliation we most have to worry about is a nuclear attack against our homeland.” A nuclear attack with what? The nuclear bombs they don’t have? Even more remarkably, McCarthy favors taking action against Iran. I certainly don’t, but I certainly wouldn’t if I thought Iran could retaliate against our airstrikes with a nuclear bomb. That’s crazy. Color me deterred. Is the idea here that the media should just be flooded with as much Iran-related misinformation as possible without regard to the details of whether or not the misinformation bolsters the case for war?

Starting to look that way.

Rob over at LGM has more. Go play the new game that is sweeping the nation: “The Wingnutty Meld”.

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