Hasn’t it occurred to any of these idiots that adopting Nazi iconography and aesthetics is the last thing a US Presidential candidate would want to do to improve his popularity in Germany?

Unless he’s aiming for that all-important 14-25 East German demographic, half of whom apparently believe that “National Socialism had good sides” (meaning that the other half believed it had no positive qualities whatsoever, I might add).

As Haaretz reported:

A poll published Wednesday showed a quarter of Germans believe there were
at least some positive aspects to Nazi rule – a finding that comes after a popular talk show host was fired for praising Nazi Germany’s attitude toward motherhood.

Pollsters for the Forsa agency, commissioned by the weekly Stern magazine, asked whether National Socialism also had some good sides (such as) the construction of the highway system, the elimination of unemployment, the low criminality rate (and) the encouragement of the family.

Forsa said 25 percent responded yes – but 70 percent said no.

Somehow, though, I doubt the pro-Nazi imagery of half-African Barrack Obama will hold out much appeal to the NPD‘s supporters.

Next week: Obama borrows Quisling motifs for speech in Norway.