I had to skip the APSA Annual Convention on very short notice this year. Alex Montgomery asked me if I could therefore do some sort of a video presentation for the panel he and Emilie Hafner-Burton asked me to present.

So, I produced a ~20 minute video on the subject of “The Relational Turn in the Study of World Politics.” Or, more accurately, I cobbled together a video between roughly midnight and 5am the day of the panel. And it shows. Not the most riveting thing I’ve done… not by a long shot.

Still, I thought that, after all that work I might find some other use for it. So I uploaded it to YouTube and present it (in three parts) below the fold.

Warning, this is for those with a strong stomach for abstract IR theory only.

[note: I’ve pulled part 3. The audio de-synched when I split the video for YouTube uploaded the videos. Back up soon All three are back up. Oddly enough,it handled the AAC sound encoding fine on part 1, but couldn’t on parts 2 and 3. Re-encoding as Linear PCM made YouTube happy.]

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3