• Steve Walt ponders what the 2012 election means for US foreign policy.
  • Chandras Choudry discusses India Against Corruption as it takes on the national parliament (via Zachary Keck).
  • Marc Lynch describes “The Morsi Maneuver: A First Take” as a good, well, first take on the Egyptian defense purge. 
  • Edward Hugh has a post looking back at the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 and asking the age-old question: why didn’t anyone do anything to stop it? As the post is called the “Owl of Minerva,” I am obliged to link to it. Nevertheless, I feel that our blog’s title contains an implicit answer to that question.
  • A Guardian chart compares the Syrian military to the Free Syrian Army (via Atherton).
  • Michael Krepon evaluates whether the salience of nuclear weapons to global politics is growing or shrinking.
  • Phil Arena weighs in on the “End of IR Theory” debate.
  • Jason Fritz comes pretty close to invoking Starship Troopers in his discussion of the Obama campaign’s Ohio early-voting lawsuit. First comment goes there. 
  • Jeff VanderMeer riff-rants on the future of (fiction) publishing.