Should there be a blogging (or, perhaps, “New Media”) caucus at the International Studies Association (ISA)?

Despite being in the ISA-NE hierarchy and having served in various positions for the International Political Sociology (IPS) section, I’ve never paid that much attention to the internal structure of the ISA.

But now I’m involved in the creation of the Historical International Relations (HIST) section and a bid for International Studies Quarterly, so I’ve been on a steep learning curve.

It seems to me that there are good reasons to form a blogging caucus, but it also doesn’t fit well with the existing ones — Global South, LGBTQA, and the Women’s Caucus. They serve to ensure representation for those who struggle with discrimination and acceptance in the field. A New Media caucus would simply provide an institutional mechanism for coordination among those engaging in an increasingly important, but still fraught, dimension of international studies.