Update: the Duck has moslty migrated (and that sentence makes sense in a non-technical context! Score!). Comment migration is in process, so probably not a good time for a magnum opus response. The existing RSS feed should work, so no need to change that.

Vikash designed our new banner.

The template is likely to shift some over the next week or so. Let us know about missing functionality, aestehic issues, and other stuff. Obviously, FB, Twitter, etc. integration is missing but will be around soon.

Update 2: Apparently the template is being played with. So disregard relevant earlier comments.


We are in the process of a long-delayed WordPress migration.

It turns out Laura Sjoberg is pretty handy with the coding, and so she’s doing a ton of work to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible.

There will be no substantive content updates this weekend, and we do not expect any until the migration is complete.

Thanks to all our sharp-witted, incisive, and supportive readers. We will do our best to make the readership experience as seamless as possible, but we do expect some hiccups.

We will keep you all posted.