I am a very bad Jew: the kind who not only married a shiksa, but pretty much only does Hanukkah and Passover. Well, the  wife’s out of the country for the entire holiday this year, but Lyra and I managed to have a nice little first night before rushing off to her tumbling-and-trampoline clinic.

I always find Chrismukkah challenging. How do I distribute the loot? How do I prevent an avalanche of gifts? As Lyra gets older, it gets easier; the ratio of books (and graphic novels) to toys shifts in the direction of the former.

This year she’s also getting some novelty gifts, such as what might best be described as a nerd-girl t-shirt befitting someone who likes playing Cthulhu Saves the World and thought Hello Cthulhu! was pretty funny.

Anyway, I babble. Happy Hanukkah and/or Happy Holidays!