The annual meeting of the International Studies Association kicks off on Tuesday and runs through Saturday, Feb 17th-21st.  The program is chock full of all kinds of IR.  Of course, there is much to do and see during and after Mardi Gras in New Orleans beyond the panels.  Using my power here as Duck-ster, let me point out a few ones that you might want to consider attending/joining:

  • The Duckies!  We hand out the IR Blogging Awards at 7:30pm on Thursday, February 19th at the Hilton.
  • Go from the Duckies to the annual ISA Caberet, Thursday, February 19 at 8:00pm, Grand Salon 3 at the Riverside Hilton.  Apparently, some ISA members actually have talent!
  • The irregular ISA Ultimate game on Saturday at 10am at Woldenberg Park.  
  • The very first business meeting of the Online Media Caucus.  We should be approved at the Governing Council that kicks off the conference.  So, we will need to figure out the way ahead for the OMC.  Saturday, February 21st in the Elmwood room at the Riverside Hilton,

Enjoy the conference.  See at the bar!