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Must… Find… More… Links

For reasons that should come as no surprise (the Duck’s staff ranges from centrist to leftist), our “international relations” blogroll doesn’t get much further to the “right” than Oxblog or Dan Drezner. Most of the blogs we link to lean left.

I’d like to change that, so if anyone has any suggestions for conservative international-relations and international-political-economy blogs that we should link to, please let me know. The conditions are:

1. The blog actually has to fit those categories
2. The blog must be predominately substantive policy and/or academic discussions of international politics

The presence of the occasional political rant, detail about social life, discussion of sports, or rumination on popular culture wouldn’t, obviously, disqualify a blog.

I’d also welcome suggestions for additional IR/IPE blogs of any political persuasion.

I know we have a reasonable number of readers each day, so if I can’t troll up at least a few suggestions I’ll be very disappointed.


Tony Arend’s Got a Blog!

I just discovered that my colleague at Georgetown, Tony Arend, has started a weblog on Georgetown’s new – and barely used – blog system. Besides being an expert on international law, Tony’s a Georgetown institution unto himself.

Tony’s latest post argues that the Geneva Convention is actually only one of a number of treaties that the US may be violating in Guantanamo Bay.

I’d say “welcome” to Tony, except that his blog is older than the Duck.

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