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Selling Out to the Enemy of Open Access

Yesterday, news quickly spread that the Social Science Research Network was bought by Elsevier.  This quickly caused an uproar on twitter.  Why?  The SSRN was established to provide a place for social scientists to share their work in progress.  Elsevier is one of the most rapacious rent-seeking profitable publishers of academic journals.

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Perspectives Ungated

Cambridge University Press has un-gated the New Orleans issues of Perspectives on Politics until 16 September. From the release.

This issue, themed “Post-Katrina New Orleans and Politics of Reconstruction,” takes an in-depth look at the various political and cultural issues involved in rebuilding the Big Easy, including social triage, structural violence, and more. For more background on the issue, read Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey C. Isaac’s introduction.


Irony’s Bucket List: Academic Journal Section

The latest issue of International Studies Perspectives includes a forum on open access.

I bet you can guess where this is headed


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